Product Photography


In 2016, I opened a shop on Etsy, Sway and Swoon Art, to showcase my handmade jewelry designs. All designs and photographs were produced by me and highlight the shimmering beauty and intense color of glass beading.

Product Photography for Sway and Swoon Art Etsy Shop (2016)

Product Photography for Sway and Swoon Art Etsy Shop (2016)

Fine Art Photography


In 2009, I submitted a series of Kirlian photographs to accompany my undergraduate thesis, which explored the boundaries between photography’s use as a scientific/observational tool and art. The following images were created using a process in which objects are placed directly onto film and then shocked with an electrical current. The lines that emanate from the border of each object are known as a corona discharge.

Meeko the Wonder Dog (2009), Kirlian Photograph Digitally Manipulated

Water on film

Mother (2009), Kirlian Photograph

Flower on film

Top, left: Childhood (2009), Kirlian Photograph

Flower on film

Top, right: Summer Memories (2009), Kirlian Photograph

Flowers and needles on film

Bottom, left: Father (2009), Kirlian Photograph

Fingertips on film

Bottom, right: Grandfather (2009), Kirlian Photograph

Coins on film


The black-and-white photographs displayed below are selections from various projects. These images were shot on 35mm film and developed in a traditional darkroom.

Memories of High School (2009), Black and White Photograph

Stair (2008), Black and White Photograph

Pinhole Photograph (2008)


The images displayed below are digitally taken, color photographs.

Ghosts in the Woods, Double Exposure Digital Photograph

Classmate, Color Photograph