Typography & Design

Template design (left) for baguette bag including 3 Gull Bakery logo

Completed bag (left)

Baguette bag details


I created the below logos as an exercise in design. The Toro y Tigre logo on the left was created using a mix between the programs Procreate and Photoshop, while the Patterson’s Flooring Company logo on the right was created in Illustrator. These are sample logos.


I enjoy hand lettering and creating my own fonts. Below are examples of fonts I created digitally and lettering I produced by hand.

Kelp font (2021)

Ombre Font (2021)

Ribbon Font (2021)

Hand-drawn lettering examples (2019)


As part of a class project, we were prompted to design sample wine labels for Raevine Vineyards. The following designs were created by me in Adobe Indesign.

Class Project: Sample wine label designs for Raevine Vineyards (2005)